MiracleWipes for Paint - 60 Ct

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Painting can get messy and cleaning up after painting jobs can be time consuming and tedious! That’s why Miracle Brands has developed a paint wipe that not only makes cleaning up after painting projects easier, but it also serves as a surface prep wipe for walls, baseboards, cabinets and more! MiracleWipes® for Paint offers Do-It-Yourselfers and professional painters quick and convenient cleanup for tools, surfaces and your hands. MiracleWipes® easily removes oil-based paints, latex paints, caulking, epoxy, colorant and more. Try MiracleWipes® for Paint today and save time on your prep and cleanup today! 

  • All-purpose paint wipes (60 count)

  • Paint preparation wipe

  • Absorb & Lock design

  • Surface and skin safe

  • Wipe size: 12” x 6” (each)

  • Made in the USA

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