- Our Mission -

To provide a cleanup solution for every type of situation.

MiracleWipes are a true innovation with an incredible back story. MiracleWipes were originally developed for boat builders on the coast of Maine that were trying remove fiberglass epoxy, a difficult to remove product from hands, surfaces, clothes and tools. MiracleWipes were so effective at removing fiberglass epoxy that the Miracle Brand founders decided to make other specialty formulations to safely and effectively remove oil based paint, latex paint, epoxy, grease, spray paint, stain and other really difficult to remove contaminants from your hands, tools, and surfaces.

The MiracleWipes products are now being manufactured for tradesmen and consumers throughout the U.S. and are now available at major retailers.

Miracle Brands created the first ever painters wipe called MiracleWipes for Paint for the construction and painting industry.

Until now, no one has made paint clean-up so easy, safe and affordable!

MiracleWipes secret formulation combines coconut oil extracts and other readily biodegradable components which easily breaks down paint, grease and other tough to remove contaminants. MiracleWipes are a true innovation with proprietary absorb and lock design making it smear-free as it absorbs and cleans like you have never seen before. Plus, each wipe holds 6 times its weight in contaminants.

When you see how this cleans hands after an interior paint project, you won’t believe it. But, SEEING IS BELIEVING! MiracleWipes readily removes epoxy off hands after construction jobs, and easily wipes paint off clothes and carpets. Easily cleans all your tools, brushes, trays and more and is THE answer to cleaning paint on a floor, paint splatter on a wall, scuff marks on doors and baseboards or any surface needing to be cleaned. The wipe construction is solid, with a gritty texture on the outside.

Painters are raving about MiracleWipes for a simple reason: They are dramatically changing their jobs in ways they never dreamed possible! Think about it: No more frustrating and messy smearing of contaminants on their hands, tools, or on any surface. No more problems cleaning up dried paint or stain or other contaminants. No more worrying about using harsh, bad smelling, cleaning solvents leading to cracked and dried hands.

Our painting wipes were such a hit we new we had to make the best cleaning wipes for every situation. Our Miracle Wipes product line consist of our;

Don’t take our word for it. Use one today! You will immediately experience a job-changing miracle…right before your eyes.