Unsafe Cleaning Mistakes That We Must Avoid

Unsafe Cleaning Mistakes That We Must Avoid

The major reason that motivates us to regularly clean our home is to keep it germ-free and hygienic. But if you mix some wrong chemicals together by mistake or do not follow some important safety instructions you may land yourself in some serious danger. Remember the important easy tips that can keep you and your home safe.

Using Bleach and ammonia together do not use bleach and ammonia together

It can be the worst cleaning mistake and unimaginably dangerous to mix bleach and ammonia together. Together these two create chloramine vapor that is highly toxic. Inhaling can cause damage to your respiratory system, throat burns or something even worse. Not just ammonia and bleach in its pure form, mixing the products made from it together can also be dangerous. Just do not mix bleach with any cleaning liquid.

No disinfection of utensils after preparing raw meat

Do you use the same knife to cut raw meat and then chop vegetables thereafter? Then stop it right away! This cross-contamination can cause harmful bacteria and make you and your family unhealthy. Never forget to wash your knife with warm soapy water after you cut raw meat with it. You can even buy separate cutting boards for meats and vegetables.

Self-cleaning feature in ovensself cleaning oven feature

Cleaning your oven with its self-cleaning feature is a common thing. It uses as high temperatures like 700 degrees Fahrenheit to burn any remaining food bits or grease. This saves your time from cleaning your oven manually. However, such high temperature can damage your oven parts and even the fumes can be harmful.


The self-cleaning oven has Teflon lining which can produce fumes at such high temperature. These fumes can harm your small pets like birds and the respiratory system of humans. The best idea to keep yourself safe is to avoid the oven self-cleaning feature, try some good cleaning wipes instead.

No proper ventilation

It is quite common for everyone to use harsh chemical or cleaning products in an area that is well-ventilated. As per a study published in ATS Journals, using harsh cleaning products for a long time can have the same adverse effects on the lung as smoking a cigarette. You can save your lungs the damage by using natural cleaning alternatives like using vinegar in place of harsh chemicals. Vinegar can be used to clean the granite surfaces also. You can also avoid using air fresheners. In its place, you can use an essential oil instead.

Cleaning the dryer lint

cleaning dryer lint

It is well-known to remove lint from the dryer once we are done with the laundry. But if you skip this step every now and then, you should stop doing it! Once you realize how this simple ignorance can cause dryer fire, you will probably take this lint cleaning more seriously. According to a report by US fire administration, out of about  2900 dryer fires per year, one-third are caused due to lint formation. Clean the lint every time you do your laundry and clean the ductwork at least one time every year.

Not sufficient cleaning of your refrigerator

Proper cleaning of your refrigerator can prevent the food from getting expired and stale. If you have a toddler at your home, you must check your fridge regularly so that they do not get their hands on any expired food package, dairy or leftovers. Doing this at the end of the week will make the process less time taking and protect your family.

Mold and Mildew

mold in kitchen

Mold and mildew appear to be very unpleasant. You can be motivated to actually take care of it when you are aware of its adverse effects on your health. Mold allergy can cause coughing or itching in your eyes. Keep noticing the early signs of mold and mildew in your bathroom, kitchen or any damp area. Take special care while washing your exhaust fan or any automotive parts. Mildew can also develop on your clothing, towels or your leather items.

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