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Miracle Brands develops safe, unique and innovative cleaning products that makes cleanup easy. Eco and sustainability conscious, Miracle Brands is positioned well for the future.

Miracle Brands is a manufacturer of innovative cleaning products designed for the toughest and dirtiest work environments. Miracle Brands products have been rigorously tested and professionally approved by painters, contractors, roofers, mechanics, home improvement enthusiasts, DIYers, hobbyist, moms and many more. Miracle Brands products are designed and formulated to remove the toughest contaminants from hands, surfaces, tools and parts.

Miracle Brands developed the first ever painters’ Wipe called MiracleWipes for Paint. It was marketed to commercial and DIY painters to be used for pre paint preparation of surfaces and for the cleaning of hands, surfaces and tools/applicators.

MiracleWipes™ are unlike anything sold in the marketplace and make cleanup easy. The wipes are safe for hands and any surface, they are smear free, have absorb and lock design, and hold 6 times its weight in contaminants.

Powerful and safe on hands, MiracleWipes™ uses a blend of coconut oil extracts, organic compounds, and other proprietary ingredients to clean-up the toughest paint and adhesive messes thanks to the dual textured meltblown design. This texture removes contaminants into the wipe and away from the outer layer, reducing smears and speeding clean-up.

Miracle Brands has taken the lessons from working with professionals and has launched a line of Low VOC cleaning products now available to consumers through Amazon and retail stores.