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Seeing is believing!

MiracleWipes for Paint are now in full distribution in all 4,000 Sherwin-Williams stores throughout North America, the largest paint company in the world!

MiracleWipes is proud to showcase X videos! Theses videos include How to Use the product and a variety of customer Testimonials.

Miracle Brands will be attending X Sherwin-Williams Pro Shows around the country in the month of June after attending X since February, with X more planned for the second half of the year.

Experience the Miracle!

Thousands of professional painting contractors will be attending, wanting to learn about what’s new and what products are there that can make their job easier.

MiracleWipes for Paint meet those needs. Product will be demonstrated right on the spot using tough contaminants such as oil based paint, stain, and epoxy to show how they make clean up easy and that they are safe for any surface and for your hands no matter what contaminant you are trying to remove.

As another part of visualizing the benefits of MiracleWipes, brand new, high impact packaging will be featured at the Pro Shows! New label copy includes photography to add interest and to visually inform customers about the benefits of using MiracleWipes.